Charlies - Musiikkia Elokuvasta Julisteiden Liimaajat (Finland 1970)

"Excellent hard rock blues prog psych from Finland. First two songs have Finnish lyrics and the rest is English or instrumental.

May be hard to find, especially original vinyls cost a fortune as the pressing was only 300." (Roetoes @ ratyourmusic.com)

"Originally released 1970, with a print run of 300, this is a soundtrack for the film "The Poster Gluers", described by many of the few who have actually seen it as "the worst movie in the history of cinematic art". Among the bonus-tracks on this re-release you can find "We Used to Know". A good effort considering the early date, but apparently it's just a recorded rehearsal; no instrumental passages, the singer just repeats the verses in random order." (previously...)


andre said...

A good Album,after listening i have to say good.(Never hear from that Guy.Thanks

StevenK said...

Thanks for posting this!

Steven K