Charlies - Buttocks (1970)


"Re-issue of this very rare Finish progressive album from 1971. This heavy, hypnotic, album has elements of Jethro Tull/ Steamhammer /Captain Beyond etc with great guitarwork and the use of other instruments such as tambourines, flutes, Moroccan clay drums and cowbells give the album an interesting slant."


"A stunning 8 tracker from Finland here. And I always thought ELONKORJUU was the heaviest album from the early 70's from the land of the seas !! This amazing album features loud and wild guitars, screaming vocals, and can easily be described as the most outrageous Finnish album of the 70's not far away from Jimi Hendrix style."


"The Finnish scene didn't have much to offer back in the early 70s beside Wigwam and Tasavallan presidenti. I thought so for a very long time until this band came along. Charlies a 5 piece unit that made this album somewhere in the first half of the period in a recordingstudio in Lahti. I think this album was originally released on a private label, until Hell records (nice name for a label) re-released it on newpress. Buttocks is a heavy, hypnotic, progressive album with elements of Jethro Tull Aqualang era and great guitarwork. Some odd instrumentation on it like Sandballs(!), Tambourine, flute, Moroccan clay drums and a cowbell. Beside Jethro Tull there is also elements of early Sabbath, Grand Funk, Captain Beyond etc. A highly interesting extremely rare album, check it out." (buy it)


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Charlies - Feeling That Feeling


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