Gravestone - Doomsday (Germany 1979)

When Gravestone formed in the late seventies the band featured Berti Majdan (v,b), Wolfgang Rittner (g), Rudi Dorner (g), Mike Schmidt (d) and Andy Müller (k). After their debut "Doomsday" (1979) the cast almost completely changed. With Dietmar "Oli" Orlitta (v,b), Taki Gradl (g), Rudi Dorner (g), Dieter Behle (d) and Andy Müller (k) the album "War" followed in 1980. After that, there were some further changes: Berti Majdan (v), Mathias Dieth (g) and Klaus Reinelt (g) now joined the band.

Gravestone came from Illertissen / Germany and played progressive guitar-rock of the harder but also very melodic kind. Its first vinyl was released in 1979 in a number of 1000 copies and consists of real innovative compositions, all created by the guitarist Wolfgang Rittner. They all convince by fine guitar leads, some of them, like the title-song "Doomsday" are real ear candy; psychedelic hard rock with a weird gloomy spacey edge to it and production that almost sounds like late 60s. Lots of long jamming parts and a few instrumentals. The bonus track is a cover version of UFO's godlike "Flying" song from their second album. (BUY IT!)

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