Prom - Fooled Again (Germany 1978)

"Recorded with the simplest of means, the attraction of "Fooled again" for the collector is its rarity. According to the delivery note, only 78 LPs were produced at the time. Because of its rarity, it was not until 1999 that the record appeared in collectors’ circles and was soon to be traded, if it was offered at all, for about US$1000. Although the LP was recorded in the late stages of progressive rock, it shows all the characteristics of this music, featuring an excellent guitarist. Unfortunately, the sound leaves a lot to be desired, even if it was taken from an admittedly scarce master tape. The LP was released at the time on the small New Blood label, known because of groups like Dorian Gray or Rockport."

"First re-pressing of obscure German hardrock band whose only album was released in 78 copies in 1978. Their music is rough and dirty sounding hardrock with a cellar sound. In the vein of P 205 or maybe a more hardrockish German Oak."



Heavypsychman said...

Judging by the song this is very good underground Hard rock with a raw sound like P205 as ya mentioned.

I heard Baumstam On tour 1972 and it too was very crude.

Good work Crotchy!

psychfan said...

You never cease to amaze! This is a very rare gem that I've never heard of, great raw sounds, I love it! Thank You again my friend, You Rock!

micksguitar said...

awesome lp.thanx.