Think - We'll Give You a Buzz (New Zealand 1976)

Couldn't find much info on the web about this New Zealand group. There's a myspace page and this tidbit of info:

"Think were an Auckland rock / heavy metal group who formed in 1976. Phil Whitehead and Don Mills came from the disbanded Beam, with Phil actually having had a short stint with Human Instinct in-between. They produced an album in 1976 called "We'll Give You A Buzz" and a single "Arrived In Time"/"Big Ladies" the following year. One further single came in 1979 with "Good Morning"/"Peanut Joe". Kevin Stanton was also a member at one time. He later went on to play with Mi-Sex."

"We'll Give You a Buzz" is enjoyable hard rock with some proggy moves. Give it a listen and as always: enjoy.


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micksguitar said...

wow what an lp.amazing thank you.