Billy Bond y la Pesada - Volumen 4 (Argentina 1974)

Billy Bond was at the center of the Argentinean psych scene, and the concept behind La Pesada Del Rock N Roll was a simple one--anyone could join, anyone could quit. They played bombastic, chunky rock that is as fun as Blue Cheer but with this South American flourish that pulls it closer to the fun-loving, anything-goes feel of, say, Os Mutantes. In the words of Billy Bond himself to a fired-up crowd in 1972: "Break it all, kids."

"By this time, Bond was escorted by Alejandro Medina, Kubero Díaz, Claudio Gabis, Jorge PinchevskyLa Pesada 4 and Isa Portugheis. Together, they released a final album of good rock and blues numbers, including the great "No nos paran más", the pshyco blues "Hacia algún lugar", and the steady riff of "Pinchevsky Rock", Pappo’s "Estamos hartos", the childish rhyme inspired "Que sepa volar", the long blues "Año 1939" and the minor hit "Concientemente todo, todo lo podrás lograr". Once again, all selections were segued using animal sounds. A pretty good LP, though not as good as the first two." (via Magic Land)


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ogmonster said...

I want to thank you for the Billy Bond y la Pesada albums. Sweet ass music for sure. THANKS.

edulms said...

Grat blog; Congratulations from Brazil !

Freak Out said...

Excelente discos los de billy Bond y la Pesada!!!
Saludos desde Argentina...