Far Out - S/T & Warpigs (Denmark 1982)

"Good old fashioned power psych rock with scorching guitars."

"Two-on-one offering compiling both albums by this Danish power trio. Originally forming in 1971, they didn't release anything until their self-titled debut in 1982! Cream/Hendrix influences are to the fore, as you might expect,and this is not a bad thing. Great playing and powerful (English)vocals combined with fuzz guitar solos and some complex changes make this a real treat." (BUY IT!)


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ogmonster said...

Another great post. This here's a real groovy sounding records. I really like Days of Doom. One question though. What songs are from which albums?

Anonymous said...

They remind me of a cross between Hendrix's BAND of GYPSY era music and Frank Marino. Thanks for the post.

Crotchbat said...

@ ogmonster:

Via stonerrock.com:

Far Out-s/t
4-Brotherly Love
5-Chop it Up
6-Free Your Soul For Fight
8-Intermnent Blues
10-Are We Space Reptiles

Far Out-War Pigs

1-You'll never go to Heaven
2-rock n' roller
3-Don't Please Me
4-War Pigs
5-Hang Ups On A Silent Night
7-We Have To Pay
8-No Chance
9-Days of Doom

ogmonster said...

Thanks,Crotchbat. I should have thought about looking in the track list post. Doh!! Cooooool albums.

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot for this one!
Harald from Norway

Anonymous said...

New to me. Sounds interesting stuff so I'll give them a try. Thx!