Second Hand - Reality (1969)

Second Hand was a somewhat obscure British psychedelic band from the late 1960s, though even on their first record from 1968 they were showing progressive touches earlier than most bands.

The group led by Ken Elliott was originally called The Next Collection in the mid-1960s. They changed their name to Moving Finger and in 1968 the group was signed with Polydor Records, but when it was discovered that another band already had that name, they renamed themselves Second Hand, in reference to the fact that all their instruments and other gear had been bought used. At this time the group consisted of Elliot on keyboards and vocals, Bob Gibbons on lead guitar, Kieran O'Connor on drums, and Nick South on bass, and on their debut recording Chris Williams as guest musician added cello, flute, and saxophone. Polydor released the record, Reality, that same year. The record is often considered a few years ahead of its time, though the vocals are a little weak. In 1969 the opening track of the LP, "A Fairy Tail" was released as a 45 single.

In 1970, Vic Keary, the producer of Second Hand's debut and a close friend of Elliott, started Mushroom Records to release albums by Second Hand and a couple of other artists, including folk singer Simon Finn. By now Gibbons and South had both departed, and new members George Hart on bass and Elliott's brother Rob on vocals had joined, but the band had trouble finding a regular guitarist. Malcolm "Moggy" Mead filled in on guitar when the group was touring France, and even appeared on their second album. In the early '70s the group often had better luck finding gigs on Continental Europe, with much success in France, Spain, Germany and Holland.

The group's second album, Death May Be Your Santa Claus, was recorded during off-hours at Chalk Farm Studios, where Keary worked as an engineer. The LP came out on April 1st, 1971 on Mushroom, and at the same time Second Hand were playing a rock band in a controversial underground movie that was playing at that time, also titled Death May Be Your Santa Claus which was made a couple years earlier.

Rob Elliott soon quit the group, and at the same time Second Hand had finally found a regular guitarist, Tony McGill, who also became the band's accountant. The group went to work in 1971 on what was supposed to be their third album, but by the time they finished it, they had changed their name to Chillum, and Mushroom released the eponymous Chillum record near the end of that year. By then Hart had walked out on the band without a word, and by the middle of the next year the Mushroom label folded, and so had Chillum.

Ken Elliott and Kieran O'Connor went on as an electronic rock duo under the name Seventh Wave, and released a couple albums in the mid-1970s before O'Connor dropped out of the group. After that Elliott went into far less creative but more financially beneficial work composing jingles and TV themes while O'Connor eventually died of alcoholism in the mid-1980s. (via allmusic)

Have been pondering giving this one the big 5 stars, but it falls just below what I'd call a masterpiece, so 4.5 for this great album. Much more of a long lost psych classic than prog (it was only 1968 when made) A real mixture of influences can be heard. Vocals reminicent of late 60's Arthur Brown. Musicianship sounds akin at times to Hendrix or maybe even the Small Faces, though not quite as tight or well produced. Don't let that put you off though, despite the sometimes sloppy musicianship and muddy sound lies some highly interesting tracks, all of which have a certain amount of added humour and general weirdness to make this the gem it is. More keyboard dominated than guitar, the album goes from flower power style to doomy freakouts. Some tracks even benefit from an orchestral backing which works well. In my opinion, any fans of Late 60's Floyd, Arthur Brown, or generally anything underground from '67-'69, would LOVE this album.(via kingdhansak@progarchives.com)


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Second Hand - Rhubarb!


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