Sid Rumpo - First Offense (Australia 1974)

Sid Rumpo was a fairly polished pub-rock band which formed in Perth in 1971 and unfortunately disappeared into the mists of time in 1974. They are probably best remembered as one of a long line of Mick Elliot's bands. Mick is an accomplished blues-rock guitarist that has been around the Aussie blues & rock scene forever (in bands like Levi Smiths Clefs, Jim Keays' Southern Cross, They Accidentally Sued Themselves and Western Flyer), but rarely seemed to stay in a band long enough to record more than one album.

'First Offense' - Sid Rumpo's one and only offence as it turned out - features the twin guitar riffing of Elliot and Rob Searls on some very catchy boogie and blues-rock songs. While there aren't any jaw-dropping "guitar hero" solos, all the songs pump along with the assistance of some tasty electric piano chops from Ken Wallace over the tight grooves laid down by Noel Herridge on drums and Owen Hughes on bass. But for me, it's Rob Searls' bluesy vocals that stamp First Offense with it's appealing, distinctive 70's, Aussie Rock sound.

I think though, that it's the songs themselves that are the real strength of this album. It is a cohesive album where nothing sounds out of place, and yet might be unpredictable enough in places to interest fans of progressive blues and rock.

Sadly Sid Rumpo didn't make another record. Why, is anybody's guess but after this First Offence - maybe Elliot got time off for "good behaviour". He must have done something right, because mint vinyl copies of the album are fetching almost $200 at some online auctions. (via Voodoo-chile @ midoztouch.com)

"To cut a long story short, we were very successful in Perth. We were lucky to have three of us who were constantly writing songs; Bob, Ken and myself. We played a lot of gigs and I think opened up the rock scene in Perth to the extent that more venues were booking more rock bands. We won a Hoadley's Battle Of The Bands (not too sure if I should have mentioned that), and in November 1972 we moved to Melbourne to try out in the 'big smoke'." (John Hood, guitar)


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Crotchbat said...

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andre said...

Hello crotchbat
Nice Album,a vew good songs
Thanks for share

Sadness said...

don`t need this to d/l because it is in top 5 aussie albums..needs to be heard a few times before it becomes a needed collectable in your or anyones collection
great post mate

paul said...

What a pity this album is not available on CD. A classic

Stratoshawk said...

I love this album - lucky for me I have both original Vinyl and CD versions (some record shops have no idea of the value what they put in their "specials" bin...).

Big Elektrik said...

Agreed this album is wonderful. I have had it on vinyl since release. I would like to get it on CD and missed the only opportunity years ago. Anyone have a share? FLAC preferred.

Crotchbat said...

@Big Elektrik - hey friend, I don't have a FLAC version but I'd be happy to re-up this for you if you'd like.

John Hood said...

This album, actually titled 'First Offense' is now back on CD with three bonus tracks, two including original guitarist and harmonica player, John Hood.