Writing on the Wall - The Power of the Picts (1969)


"Part of the underground progressive movement, Writing On the Wall, was formed in Scotland, but soon moved to the more fertile musical territory of London, where they became the house band at the legendary Middle Earth club. During that period a handful of independent labels, dedicated to progressive rock and ready to sign new talents, were springing up. Writing On The Wall took advantage of this wave and recorded their debut Power Of The Picts album in 1970. Original copies of the album now fetch high sums, but when the album was first released it was shunned by many radio stations, who considered the sound to be too heavy for airplay. This lovely reissue also contains their first single 'Child on a Crossing' / 'Lucifer Corpus'."


"Writing On The Wall recorded The Power Of Picts in 1969. In 2003, we have the opportunity to hear it once again on glorious vinyl thanks to the diverse Italian label Comet Records.

This band incorporated uncommon (prog-rock was in its infancy) keyboards with its heavy guitar sound accompanied by unusual vocals that sounded like they emanated from another world at times. I did however notice the curious vocals more on the first side of the album. The second side offered clearer vocals and music that had heavier doses of progressive rock, which pleased me.

Collectors may want to take note that there are two bonus tracks culled from singles. “Lucifer Corpus” is a B-Side and “Child On A Crossing” an A-Side. This album was a cherished collector’s piece and the singles were very rare as well. You can get the entire (formerly rare) package all wrapped into one LP now." (buy it)


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