Jeronimo - Cosmic Blues (1970); S/T (1971)


JERONIMO was founded in 1969 and in '69/'70 they had their first two hits "HE YA" and "NA NA HEY HEY". With these two chartbreakers, JERONIMO climbed to the number 1 position in almost all European countries.

In 1970 JERONIMO and STEPPENWOLF toured successfully through Germany and in the same year JERONIMO partook in the legendary "Progressive Pop Festival" in Cologne. Following that, JERONIMO shared the headlines with such groups as DEEP PURPLE and GOLDEN EARRING at various European open-air festivals.

In 1971, JERONIMO'S biggest stage-performance was in Lausanne for "UNICEF" and was televised worldwide.

JERONIMO could be seen in numerous European television shows and in Germany they were on "HITS A GOGO", "BEATCLUB" and "BANANAS".

In 1970, JERONIMO, together with CREEDENCE CLEARWATER, presented the album "SPIRIT ORGASZMUS", which was a success throughout all of Europe.

After 30 years and millions of records sold worldwide, JERONIMO is still cult. In 1999/2000, their hits "NA NA HEY HEY" and “HE YA" were re-released on numerous hit-compilations.


Jeronimo - S/T: Killer German heavy acid rock from 1971. English vocals and cosmic guitar for fans of Cream, Gun, Blue Cheer, etc. guaranteed to blow your hair off. This is the bands rarest album! (buy it)

Cosmic Blues: http://lix.in/5ac7b1

S/T: http://lix.in/23455a

Jeronimo - No No No (Cosmic Blues)

Jeronimo - How I'd Love To Be Home (S/T)

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