Chicken Bones - Hardrock in Concert (1975)

Cosmic Dreams at Play:

The title of Chicken Bones' album Hardrock In Concert (1976) says it all! There are six "very hard rocking tracks" included therein, performed in the good old tradition of the early seventies heavy progressive scene. Most of the album is instrumental, and offers Rainer Geuecke plenty of opportunities to reveal his musical skills. The two longest tracks are the highlights: "Water" with the whisper of the sea and some beautiful acoustic guitar and "Factory Girl" which was in a more typical hard rock vein. This album has an excellent and well-balanced sound for a private release. The recordings were done in only one week live in the studio - or more probably a barn! Only 300 copies were pressed, so the original is mega rare. Second Battle made and numbered 600 further copies in 1989 when they re-released the album in its original cover.


"Chicken Bones come from Bönen, Germany and did release its only album in 1976. Although it's called Hardrock in Concert it's neither live nor hard-rock; it's just wonderful sensitive guitar-based prog-rock! The LP contains all own compositions, which all very well done; some of them, like the long track 'Factory Girl' are outstanding! The original LP is completely vanished here in Germany; nothing can be found! So this official reissue will help all friends of Chicken Bones to archive a reissue, now. 180 gram vinyl, and two inserts. Limited to 500 copies." (buy it)


Chicken Bones - Feeling

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