Road (1972)


"Noel Redding was a member of the Jimi Hendrix Experience from its formation in 1966 until he left in 1969. He was hired in as a bass player, reportedly due in some part to his look (a huge afro and his trademark granny glasses), despite his real desire to continue as a guitarist. In addition to his work in the Experience, Redding formed and played guitar in Fat Mattress, who released two albums in the late '60s and early '70s, and was involved in Road and the Noel Redding Band. In the mid-'70s, the Noel Redding Band did two albums for RCA, three tours of Holland, two tours of England, one tour of Ireland, and a ten week tour in America. Residing in County Cork, Ireland, in a house purchased from his Experience earnings, however, he claimed to no longer receive payment for his time with the band. "I was forced to sign away my royalties in 1974," he said, "I even had to sell the bass I used during that time, for $16,000." Redding has since written a book which has been compiled over the years from his diaries and legal files, entitled "Are You Experienced?'' It was published in 1996 by a small London firm called Fourth Estate Books, and includes some previously unpublished photographs. In May of 2003 Redding was found dead in his home, he was 57."


"Former Jimi Hendrix Experience bass player Noel Redding banded together with Rod Richards (Rare Earth) and Leslie Sampson to form Road, a post Hendrix psychedelic rock band with plenty of oomph and loads of wah-wah pedal for all the guitar freaks to enjoy.

Personally, I was taken aback at how good this album was, first because I never heard of this band until now, and secondly how impressively adept they all were with their instruments, which actually was no surprise when I picked up the album sleeve and opened it to look at the lineup. Once I realized it was Redding, it was no longer a shock, after all the man played alongside one of the greatest guitar players ever to set foot on this earth.

My first thought was Marshall Tucker, of all bands, when the first song “I’m Trying” started, then as things developed their sound evolved and became harder hitting with heavy psychedelic riffs influence by who else but Hendrix, now that was not a surprise after my aforementioned realizations.

What a collectors delight this one is! This solid recording comes housed in gatefold sleeves with some good shots of the band members, and the best part about all of this is that it really is great music! I guarantee this album will find itself spinning on your turntable quite a few times." (buy it)


Road - Space Ship Earth

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