Morning After - Blue Blood (1971)

Here we have a completely unknown album from England from 1971. Morning After recorded this LP as a demo only to acquire a record deal (as so many bands did in the late 60´s early 70s). So the album was pressed only in tiny amounts. The recording was with home studio equipment. Some of the tracks on the album sound like Blues Rock from the late Fleetwood Mac and some have a more progressive touch such as Shuttah. Great & heavy guitar work, fuzz and wah-wah all over the album, snotty vocals, all own great compositions. The album title Blue Blood assumed a noble wealthy family and a member of the establishment, but the music and lyrics are just the opposite. The music on this album is pure British Underground, electrifying, pure and raw, no Sgt. Pepper sing a long tunes. Just superb! (BUY IT!)


Rochacrimson said...

Great album crotchbat!
Thanks ;-)

psychfan said...

Great album, Great share!! Thank You!!

andre said...

Yes,i like this kind of Sound.Never hear about this Group.Worthy to listen.

FM SHADES said...

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Sadness said...

You are Brilliant MR Crotchbat, this is just so good..
I`m certainly going to buy it as well..Thanks mate

Crotchbat said...


Hey Shades, I've been having bad luck with sharebee lately - uploads crapping out at the end, not finishing, etc. That's why I gave up on it for the time being. I do like mediafire, but the 100MB limit is a hassle sometimes. I'll give it another shot. Sorry you're having issues with Megaupload - I find their d'load speeds are way faster than most others.

Thanks for the feedback!