Various - Songs from Dracula's Dulcimer (2007)

(from the back cover)
Welcome to your new Haunt!

A place where the spitirs flow freely and the freaks hang out at night. This complementary CD commemorates the October opening of 'Dulcimer' bar and is brought to you courtsey of resident Sonic Spooks 'B-Music' - and what better excuse to have a party than Halloween! Our weekly night of far flung freakish folk, spooked out psych and global ghoulish glam sits comfortably amongst a veritable monthly calendar of other devilish disk-jockeys and regular live music events.

1) Intro (U.K.)
2) Evol (Chile)
3) The Exorcist (Peru)
4) Dracula (Hungary)
5) The Witch (Hungary)
6) The Swamp Man (U.S.)
7) The Loch Ness Monster (U.K.)
8) The Witch (Italy)
9) Halloween (Wales)
10) Howlin' at the Moon (U.S.)
11) Frankenstein (France)
12) The Mummy (U.S.)
13) Dr. Sex (Germany)
14) The Devil (Persia)
15) The Vampire (Sweden)
16) The Wizards Laboratory (U.K.)
17) The Sorcerer (Canada)
18) Monster Planet (Australia)
19) The Space Invaders (U.S.)
20) Spooks in Space (U.S.)


waldo jeffers said...

how can i download this?

Crotchbat said...

Look carefully, waldo...


waldo jeffers said...

ja! - got it. thanks! - your blog rocks. :)

Saprobe said...

I was just wondering if this is still available? If so I would love to add it to my collection.
Thanks so much!

Crotchbat said...