Oda (1971)

"Strong local hardrock in the stripped down, riff-happy, non-bombastic style, comparable to the Estes Bros and Glory on Rockadelic. Guitar playing from Randy O is killer throughout, lyrical and fluent yet hard and no-nonsense. Randy also plays the organ in an unusual combination, while his brother Kevin plays drums. Art Pantoja's vocals are OK in the non-operatic style common to these bands (though clearly not as good as on Dryewater and Top Drawer), and all over I have to rate this one of the better within the style. The CD bonus tracks show an impressive versatility with more melodic moves, as well as a very good take on Butterfield's "Mind to Give Up Living". Randy Oda later had a taste of mainstream success as member of Tom Fogerty's band Ruby in the late 1970s, then reformed Oda for a 1984 LP."

"This is above average 70s hard rock, with good guitar leads and memorable riffing. The vocals are uninteresting, though, and there’s not much variety or originality here. A few pleasant exceptions: the surprising funk/horn interlude on “Cheated,” and the poppy melody and hot guitar solo on “Give It Up”. The best songs are in the middle of the album, so give it a chance if the first couple of songs underwhelm you. The CD adds four bonus tracks that span more styles than the original album."
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Crotchbat said...

To the 7 people who don't already have this classic: enjoy.

Anonymous said...

A very good sound Oda!Raw!
Thank you Alan.

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John Lyre said...

If you are into Argentinian Hard Rock and Prog of the 70's, check Pescado Rabioso, one of the coolest bands of that time.
Their third record, "Desatormentándonos", is here: