Blown Free - Maximum Rock and Roll (1978)

Blown Free was a hard rock band from Houston, Texas that were active between 1978 and 1982. This is band is so obscure that little is known about 'em, but they did release a 45 rpm back then. This limited CD release (only 300 copies) consists of material that the folks at Shroom Productions have been able to dig up.

”Baby Come Back” is the first song out, and it kinda sounds like a cross between Stray Dog and Bang but with a slightly acid sounding sologuitar. If I didn’t know when these recordings were made I would’ve guessed early 70´s, but since the band were active between '78-'82 it means that Blown Free had both the arena hard rock/metal, the punkrock and the new wave scenes to compete with... so I guess that’s why they are as obscure a band as they are (I hadn’t heard of 'em before I got this disc).

”My House” have a sound that reminded me a little about Rory Gallagher, and the same goes for ”Sweet Love”. ”The Wizard” sounded more like a cross between Bang and Wishbone Ash, ”Come Back My Way” could’ve been a ballad by Grand Funk...

So in other words, Blown Free might be worth checking out for anyone who wants some more obscure 70´s hard rock standing besides the Deep Purple and Black Sabbath albums in their recordcollection... (thanks to hogfeldt @ stonerrock.com) (BUY IT!)



Residentevil2 said...

Thank you very much. Excellent

Rare Canadian looking for.

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JohnnyRock said...

Some of this old Canadian stuff is hard to find as it has never been released on CD. Anyone willing to trade, let em know.