Cuero - Tiempo Despues (Argentina 1973)

"After the break up of Piel de Pueblo, outstanding guitarist Nacho Smilari and drummer Carlos Calabró joined Masllorens (ex-La Joven Guardia) and formed Cuero.

The debut album was a hard rock effort lead by Nacho’s brilliant guitar. The instrumental "Tiempo después", "Nuevamente el momento", "No sé si voy a enloquecer", the blues "Escucha mi voz", and the long psycho "Paula acurrucada en un color" are the remarkable tunes. This is a recommended album for those who like Piel de Pueblo, Montes, Rockal y la Cría and Pappo’s Blues.

Cuero soon split after Smilari’s departure to the USA. But later Nacho returned and the group recorded a very good album with the help of excellent musicians such as Bernardo Baraj (ex-Alma y Vida) on sax and flute, Osvaldo López (ex Los In) on drums, Adalberto Cevasco on bass, Raúl Parentella on electric piano and Joe Coco on percussion.

This second LP is almost Latin jazz-rock instrumental music with good guitar playing. It is obvious that his trip to the USA had influenced him quite a bit.

Both records went unnoticed (specially the second one) and had never been reissued on any format. The first one is harder to get." (via Magic Land)


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Punk Frog said...

Thanks, man! Love this LP for the way it sounds like a biker band playing at the keg party down the block. I have a couple tunes burned from a friend's copy & another rip from somewhere @ 160 & without track titles. This is a welcome upgrade! You rock!
Cheers, Larry aka kohntarkosz (on livejournal)aka sakedelic (on lastfm & myspace)