Alejandro Medina y La Pesada (Argentina 1974)

"Born on October 1st, 1949, this excellent singer and bass player formed his first beat group, The Seasons, while still a teenager. (The Seasons released two singles and an LP -Liverpool at B.A. [Microfón IP100] sung in English. Medina was credited as... "Rodney"!).

After playing with Manal (the extremely important pioneer group of Argentine rock) he joined Billy Bond y Pesada.

Like his mates, he released his own solo album with them as guests: Claudio Gabis & Kubero Díaz (guitars), Jorge Pinchevsky (violin), Isa Portugheis, Juan Rodríguez, Pomo & Zurdo Roiztner (drums), along with the ever present Bond producing.

This great album features the hard rock "Yo sé que a veces pierdo la cabeza", the blues "Un estado natural", the acoustic full-of-effects blues "Tiempo de reflexión", and "Blues en mi menor para cantar al amanecer", with great guitar work, among other songs. Even the cover, drawn once again by Juan O. Gatti, was great. A highly recommended album, especially for those fans of La Pesada's and Pappo's Blues records.

Medina later played with Pappo in Aeroblues and Pappo's Blues. In the 80s he participated on Manal's comeback and in the 90s he released a solo CD.

His debut album was not reissued on any format and is very rare." (via Magic Land)



Magas said...

I actually got this a coupla weeks ago and it's been decimating my mind! Medina's got the best voice, like he's been up for days, smoking cigarettes. The first two songs really blew me away, real psycho stuff. The whole album rules & I really like Manal and Aeroblus, too!

Punk Frog said...

again, thanks for the awesome upgrade. i actually have an original vinyl of this, but the record has a short hairline crack which affects play of the first few revolutions on each side, making me hesitant to play the vinyl!

ogmonster said...

I wanna thank you for this and the Cuero. Real sweet albums. You have one of the best blogs out there. You post albums that nobody else does and your collection of Argentina music is way beyond cool. Thank you. \m/

Do you have any of the live Riff albums?
En Acción '83
Riff 'n Roll '86
En Vivo '96

Anonymous said...