Machine (Netherlands 1970)

"The Rotterdam based Swinging Soul Machine changed its name to Machine and started to play a kind of hardrock with progressive influences. Singer John Caljouw came from the legendary band Dragonfly. Machine introduces the horn section together with loud heavy acid fuzz guitar. Really cool underground sound: "virgin" (groovy heavy acid fuzz guitar riff vs detroit hi-energy soul funk), "god's children" (trippy psych with hammond organ, psych effects and phasing), "old black magic" (heavy acid fuzz guitar and floating psych flute leads), "sunset eye" (long and very heavy apocalyptic underground psych)." (via Dutch Prog)

"Rare Dutch prog with a psychedelic bent from 1970. Organ & guitars dominate the sound throughout the album. Featuring ex-Dragonfly (yes the awesome '60's Dutch psych band) lead vocalist John Caljouw the album is a great mixture of keyboard and sax led songs that drive along in a terrific early 70's prog style. Of particular note is the 6 minute "Spanish Roads" which contains excellent guitars and swirling Hammond B3 keyboards." (via FreakEmporium)

Machine were a 1970 Dutch group who played a mix of what was popular at the time: Psych, progressive, hard rock and horn rock. Nederbeat was one of the more healthy psych/garage scenes coming out of continental Europe and Machine were like the latter stages of those groups such as Q65 and Cosmic Dealer. The strong Hammond organ presence adds a proto-prog sound similar to Deep Purple and Mainhorse. Horns were frequently inserted in those days to increase the odds of a chart appearance, given the wild success of Chicago and Blood Sweat and Tears. And, as expected, there’s also a strong blues influence throughout. The album has a strong start but really crawls to the finish, as predictable 3-chord blues rock takes over the lion’s share of the proceedings. Recommended to fans for bands as diverse as Affinity, Ahora Mazda, Warhorse and Irish Coffee. (via Gnosis2000)


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Machine - Lonesome Tree


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