Fable - Get the "L" Outta Here! (Canada 1974)

Hearing the onslaught of stoner metal bands struggling desperately to recreate the airy deep end of mid-’70s heavy music is amusing… almost as much as actually coming across the occasional bona fide prog metal outfits long forgotten over the ages. One of Canada’s original rhythm rock outfits that haven’t stood the test of time, Fable blended the questionable aesthetics of cape-laden Rush with Paranoid-era Black Sabbath’s eeriness and a moderately softer structural attack reminiscent of Budgie. The end result is the perfect Black Light metal begging for a big ol’ bong suck and an imaginary dragon ride to the land of vans painted with wizards, barbarians and Aztec goddesses. Surprisingly timeless despite an obviously specific historical specificity, Get The “L” Outta Here! provides the perfect document of a band with nothing affecting the excesses of ’70s rock’n’roll. Plenty of epic songs heavy on wah pedal and jam band aura makes for a fun retrospective party listen — and when compared to the accessibility of modern stoner rock — proves that minimal means often do produce the greater results. (via Exclaim) (BUY IT)

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Fable - Without Asking


Mookie said...

Thanks Crotch , This is my kind of Rock . You Rule !!!

janseswithwolfes said...

being from canada I thought I had heard all the good bands but this one is new to me . It is great and it sounds a bit like Mahogony Rush.

andre said...

Where do you found this ,It is good solid Rock.Thanks

snowdog said...

Sounds promising....thanks.

bigfootkit said...

Thanks for this one Crotchbat, never heard of them before but the comments sound promising.

FABLE said...

Hi, Crotch. I'm an old part of the band's extended family (I was actually in the studio waaaay back when this was recorded) and a frequent visitor to your site.

I just got off the phone with the former band memebers. They've now seen your site and theye're cool with it. They appreciate that you posted a "buy it" link and asked the you also post a link to the FABLE's web-site where you'll find a lots pictures, posters, history and information on the bands (ARM, Hellhound, Fable and Task Force) and a couple of vidoes and a few other novelties.

Thanks and keep up the good posts.

~Elwie T. Yngwie


therockthrone said...

This album rules!!!!
70's rock forever!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks!