Haystacks Balboa (1969)

(reissue AKA "Detoxified")

"Real heavy dudes with a mean attitude and some wicked guitar - above-par hard rock. A couple of tracks on their album were written by Larry West, formerly of the legendary Vagrants and younger brother of guitar colossus, Leslie 'Mountain' West. The album was produced by Shadow Morton, aka Shadow Mann. Mayo and Polott still play together in an outfit called Blue Lagoon." (via Fuzz, Acid & Flowers)

"Early British hard-rock band with some progressive ideas, who released one self titled album in 69. The hard rock tunes are typical of the time, like Sabbath or Mountain, with backbreaking heavy fuzzy guitars and satanic lyrics. The progressive moments are quite nice, long tracks relying on Hammond organ and guitar interplay with extended instrumental stretches." (via gepr.net)

"Q: Where did the band's name come from?

A: Back in the 60's there was a 400 pound wrestler named Haystacks Calhoun. Mark Mayo hung around with a great local band called the Vagrants, Leslie West (Mountain) was the guitarist. One of the Vagrants friends, Bobby Pace, coined the phrase Haystacks Balboa, probably in reference to Mayo's large size at the time. He and Leslie were "look alikes" and people always compared them...similar look and guitar style, and they were often together. So, when we looked for a name, in that drug infused era, Haystacks Balboa jumped out at us. This is how I remember it." (interview with Mark Polott, bass)


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Haystacks Balboa - Spoiler


Crotchbat said...

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Anonymous said...

Bravo my friend.Excellent choice!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Haystacks Balboa. Great blog, man. Excellent music!
By the way, I never heard the music of Haystacks Balboa before. So I'm gonna enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

This one rocks!
Thank you.

Stephen said...

I don't believe it! I worked as a rodie for a short time for Haystack Balboa. We were based out of a club in Flushing, New York called the 17 steps. I was introduced to them by Little Terry, who rodied and provied for many a band back in the day. Almost got arrested carrying the Hammond up the stairs. Bruce Scott was caretaking for the club and almost let me go to jail. If anyone meets up with any of these guys, tell them Duckly says hi.

johnny wobble said...

i know mark mayo. i had lunch with him today while he was in town (dallas). i'll tell him hi for ya duckly.

osborne said...

my father brought this record home.. sisters request.... i was 5 at the time.... ive just relistened after many years of wondering what happened to that record.... auburn q and riverland have been with me since then thanx for the reissue... would never ave heard it otherwise... kicks ass!!! AGAIN!

osborne mcclintic ;)