Various - LSD Connection vol. 8 (2006)

  1. Electrizion - Hilary Blaze
  2. Stars in the Sky - Wildfire
  3. Pagan Altar - Pagan Altar
  4. There Ain't No Running Away - Hand of Doom
  5. I'm A Freak - Wicked Lady
  6. Hamburgerfunk - Rockvattnä
  7. Serpent Venom - Bedemon
  8. Paint it Black - Bluebeard
  9. Tomorrow Child - Doc Rockit
  10. Lora Lady - Bintangs
  11. Ask No More (Demo) - Pentagram
  12. The Last Goodbye - Slowbone
  13. Loving You - Iron Claw
  14. Street - Egor
  15. Sorcerer - Sorcery
  16. Nightmare - Icecross
  17. Burial at Sea - Saint Vitus

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Bintangs - Lora Lady


Crotchbat said...

mirror: http://in.solit.us/archives/download/17875

Anonymous said...

Love the site. Did you make these comps up yourself? They're excellent.

Crotchbat said...

Not my comps - these have been floating around the internet for a while now. First saw them posted at the now defunct (and greatly missed) Orange Cornflake Zoo: http://tinyurl.com/2uxwc8 (google cache)

Anonymous said...

I don't know who decided that speed metal was acid music, but that is the last kind of music I'd want to hear if I was trippin' on 'cid.

Crotchbat said...

@ Anonymous:

I'm dying to know which track you think falls under the "speed metal" category.

Anonymous said...

very very best the collection man !
congratulations for songs

Faben said...

This is heavy! Thanks alot!
I wonder if anyone got that Icecross lp?