Various - Norsk Rocks Historie vol. 6 (1971-1977)

(Wish I knew more about these compilations - anyone got any info for me?)

Norsk Rocks Historie Vol. 6: Progressiv Rock 1971-1977

01: Queen Of All Queens - Popol Vuh
02: People In Motion - Saft
03: Sultana - Titanic
04: Jimi, Janis & Brian - Aunt Mary
05: Colored Dreams - Ruphus
06: Mild Grey Fog - Prudence
07: Working Man - Saft
08: 10.000 People - Hole In The Wall
09: Take The Road Across The Bridge - Junipher Greene
10: Sea Wolf - Titanic
11: Crazy Eyes Go Blind - Flying Norwegians
12: Trapped In A Game - Ruphus
13: G Flat Road - Aunt Mary
14: Moonshine Man - Jonas Fjeld
15: Restless Man - Hole In The Wall
16: Tomorrow May Be Vanished - Prudence
17: All We Have Is The Past - Popol Vuh
18: Attila's Belly Dance - Junipher Greene

edit - this just in from the good folks at StonerRock.com: "Norsk Rocks Historie is a series of documentaries made for Norwegian radio (11 60-minute episodes) and TV (11 30-minute episodes), and the CDs have some examples of what happened in Norwegian rock at different periods. There will also be 11 CDs (6 so far) in the series, one for each radio/tv-episode. It covers the biggest and most influential, if not the best, Norwegian rock bands from the '50s and up to now. The most interesting CDs are Vol.4: Rhythm'n'blues and Psychedelia (1966-1969) and Vol.6: Progressive Rock (1971-1977)"


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Ruphus - Colored Dreams


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