Merry Airbrakes (1973)

(The excellent Lost-In-Tyme has this one up for grabs. I'm not a doctor, but I highly recommend that you get this ASAP.)

"Finally out on CD is this rare US album recorded in 1973 by a freaked out Vietnam veteran. Largely a concept album about that great US misadventure it's folky and "down-home" for playing whilst sitting around a fireside. Main man Bill Homans has a fine voice and also plays some mean slide guitar. Actually the first post-Vietnam record (recorded 1973). With songs about the Vietnam's point of view. Wonder why this never made it onto a major label. Bill Homans great voice is getting you. He, his brother Peter plus 4 other musicians recorded this album for a private studio to get attention from a big label. Some songs sound like Cpt. Beefheart doing Vietnam songs, others are fragile and MOST beautiful. We love it forever." (buy it)

Merry Airbrakes - Draft Board Blues

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Stu Shea said...

The best album I bought last year.