Downer Rock Genocide (2004)

"This is the ultimate and definitive anthology of ultra-heavy early 70's downer-rock, excavated from the depths of the UK Underground and presented with the most apocalyptic armageddon-style downer-art ever seen. What is downer-rock? Well, its later genres are better known- grunge, heavy metal, thrash, but downer stands out as the earliest incarnation of hard guitar in minor keys, the fore-runner of these latermodes. 'Downer-Rock Genocide' is a potent mix of rare, live and previously unreleased recordings assembled alongside various A.A. classic cuts culled from the archives. Amongst those featured are Vertigo riff-merchants Clear Blue Sky with 2 mega-rare tracks that pre-date their first LP. Ludicrously obscure recordings like that by one-time Black Sabbath openers Egor, who weigh in with a dark 8 minute frenzied overload, just have to be heard to be believed. Pre-Judas Priest doomsters The Flying Hat Band, get in on the action with a couple of fiercely heavy scorchers, whilst legendary outfit Writing on the Wall, Iron Maiden and Bram Stoker provide further sounds of torment and woe. Of course this collection would not be complete without a contribution from Tony Iommi's discovery Necromandus. 16 menacing tracks in all." (buy it)


Necromandus - Nightjar


ragnarok said...

I downloaded it before from another blog, and the quality of some songs was not quite good. But the music itself was really cool!!

Anonymous said...

Why I can't DL with sendspace web page from France ???

I have a message saying

"Sorry, the free service for your country is unavailable."
Could you please repost on RS or media fire, please.
Thank you in advance.

Magas said...

Amazing compilation! Some stuff I knew, some I didn't. Egor is a faceripper. Great selection...this'll get lotsa play around the house for a while. Thanks for posting!

iban said...

Please re-post this. I really want to hear this gem.

Thanks very much

Iban from its psychedelic baby.


Crotchbat said...

Hola iban - you can still find this great comp here. Enjoy...