Cain - A Pound of Flesh (1975)

"Heavy in the same regions as Truth And Janey,Tinhouse, Stepson, Highway Robbery and a dozen of other great US combos that never got a fair share of attention in the first place. Great guitarwork, awesome arrangements and pretty tight and perfect production, its a good package in all sections. The best moments here is the heavier and more moody material Katy and Badside those have a intense power and have awesome dynamics, Heed The Call is another, a great progressive hitter and the emotional All My Life that is very effective."

"For the most part, Cain is pure classic guitar rock...their sound is somewhere between Grand Funk, Mountain and the Doobie Brothers. The classic/blues guitar sounds of the seventies just bleeds through all over this CD, and the tones are classic and unbelievable...it`s just so hard to think that this has been around this long and I haven`t ever heard these guys before."

"Truth is, if you like obscurities like Poobah, Amulet or Target or even more known greats like early Zep, Aerosmith or Starz, this is the kind of hard rock classic that stands with the best. From the opening catchy scorcher of "Queen Of The Night" through the 8-minute epic "All My Life," this sucker is a study in memorable songs, killer vocals by Jiggs Lee & of course, devastating lead guitar work by Lloyd Forsberg. Seriously, this Lloyd cat opens up all the 6-string jets he can find on massive guitar-laden chunks of heaven like "Badside" & "Born On The Wind" to the point that you think he's got some howling friction burns on every fret-finger. Absolute top-shelf '70's hard rock that stands with all the big boys, and the icing on the cake is the absolutely sick cover art! Gorgeous stuff!"


Cain - Queen of the Night

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