Horse (UK 1970)

Lost Pearls of Rock:

A short lived rock band from the early Seventies. Their self titled album was recorded by :

Adrian Hawkins ~ voc
Colin Standring ~ bg
Rod Roach ~ g
Rick Parnell ~ dr

Horse is British band that existed between 1968 to 1971 and then turned into Saturnalia. The Founders were Rod Roach on guitar and Adrian Hawkins on vocal. The line-up was complete when Steve Holley on drums and Colin Standring, a previous member of Kit and the Saracens & Jimmy Brown Sound, on bass joined them. In this time, Standring was at Surrey University. Their only album was recorded in Olympic Studio Two at Barnes / London in Christmas' period 1969 with George Chkiantz as engineer. Before the album was recorded Steve Holly had left, he was replaced by Rick Parnell. S.Holley later went into play with Kiki Dee, Elton John, P. McCartney, J.Cocker. LP Horse issued in spring 1970 by RCA. In this line-up, the band was touring through Europe. The group was very popular in Germany. In July and August 1970, R.Parnell went to play into AtomicRooster but he came back to the group. The end of Horse came in spring 1971, when R.Parnell and C.Standring decided to leave. Rick Parnell later went into play with Atomic Rooster (1971~1973), Saturday, Ibis, Nova, legendary Spinal Tap, Brown Ring. C.Standring leaved out of Surrey University in 1971 to travel Europe as a professional musician. He was living in Munich, Germany between 1977 to 1981 and finally he settled in Zurich, Switzerland. In 1984 he began career as an accountant. But he still playing on bass with Big Band Sound. Road Roach and Adrian Hawkins formed the band SATURNALIA with Aletta ~ voc, Tom Crompton ~ dr, Richard Houghton ~ bg and they released LP "Magical Love"
(Matrix 1,1973) one of the first picture discs. But return to the album. The cover's graphics is strange. Black ~ Misshapen ~ Horse !? First song includes yelp of ... wolf and words: "Sacrifice", "... blood ..." etc. Overall, something like Black Widow. All songs were musically orientated towards the early Seventies hard rock style, with exception "Gypsy Queen", "Journey". My favourite compositions: "To great to the sun", "See the people creeping" and "Sacrifice", songs with good guitar works and energy. (buy it)


Horse - See the People Creeping Round

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