The Monks - Black Monk Time (1966)

Fuzz, Acid & Flowers:

"A U.S. band stationed in Europe. They consisted of five serving soldiers in the U.S. army in Frankfurt who formed a band and hit the German beer club halls. Far from singing twee songs about love and cars The Monks used a riffing style and lyrics concerned with war, death and hate. This highly unusual image got them lots of bookings, a tour with The Easybeats and, after they'd quit the army in early 1966, a record deal with Polydor. They got to appear on German pop TV shows like "Beat Club" to promote their records but they didn't sell, probably because the public didn't know how to react to a punkish band ahead of their time. Their album now commands a small fortune on the collectors' market but the various CD reissues are now a cheaper way to get to hear it.

Eddie Shaw has also published a book entitled 'Black Monk Time' about the band's exploits and the Monks also have a website: http://www.the-monks.com

With continued interest in The Monks, the band reformed for a couple of appearances at the New York 'Cavestomp' festival (5-7th November 1999), performing alongside luminaries such as The Chocolate Watchband and The Standells.

Compilation appearances have included: Cuckoo on Magic Carpet Ride (LP); Complication on Nuggets Box (4-CD), Turds On A Bum Ride Vol. 1 & 2 (Dble CD) and Turds On A Bum Ride, Vol. 1 (Dble LP). A live track Monks Chant has also subsequently resurfaced on Hide & Seek Again (LP)." link in comments

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