Colour Haze (2004)

"Formed in the mid-nineties, Colour Haze is one of the oldest German stoner outfits, and have since then become one of the flagships of the German stoner rock scene. Since 1999 the lineup has been stable, with Stefan Koglek playing guitar and handling vocals, Manfred Merwald on drums and Philipp Rasthofer playing bass-guitar. Emerging from a sound heavily influenced by Black Sabbath on their first records, they shifted to a more improvised, jam-based sound, culminating in songs topping twenty minutes on the self-titled Colour Haze (2004)."

"Latest and (in our humble opinion) greatest album by the psychedelic/Kraut rock/stoner giants from Germany. Seven tracks in total spanning some 60 minutes of 'heavy' psychedelic rock. Highlighting in the 22 minute psychedelic jam called "Peace, Brothers & Sisters", featuring some furious guitarwork, drenched in acid, wahwah and space sounds throughout. Also available in ltd edition pop up gatefold heavy weight vinyl. A must have for fans of Monster Magnet, Hawkwind, Hendrix, Can, King Crimson and Kyuss." link in comments

Colour Haze - Did Ĕl It

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