La Banda del Paraiso (Argentina 1973)

Formed by singer and actor Rubén De Leãn, this Argentine group also featured ex-La Cofradia de la Flor Solar member Néstor Paul and Black Amaya, who'd been with Pescado Rabioso.

They played a blend of rock, blues and comedy. The best cut is El Tapiz Magico, a gentle slow-paced pop-rock song untypical of the album. For the album, Ciro Fogliatta was on piano, Mariano Tito on organ and female backing vocals -including Susana Silva, then owner of an important import record store in Buenos Aires- were guests.

The LP was fairly interesting, though a little dull. "El fondo del ojo" (with the psycho touch of Claudio Gabis’s sitar and wah-wah guitar), the rock "Chicas que patinan", "El tapiz mágico" and "No lo veo" are the most inspired moments.

Soon after the album was released -delayed due to production difficulties- the band split.

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Susana said...

WOW!! As an ex-member of LA BANDA I am almost in tears listening to CHICAS QUE PATINAN!! That was such a good song, guys.

WHERE ARE YOU ALL? I live in NYC. Hace 30 años!!

Susana Silva