Uganda (1972)


"Unbelievable 1972 Japanese underground rarity featuring acid guitar god Kimio Mizutani on planet-bombing wah-wah/distorto form backed by a thunder of African rhythms. Miuztani is best known for killer prog/psych sides like Love Live Life +1 and A Path Through Haze but this features some of the most spirit-flaying six string sorcery he ever laid in stone, over a shrifting back line that feels as cosmos-bound as Billy TK’s all-Maori Powerhouse orchestra or those never-realised Miles/Hendrix third-stone jams. Too fucking much.Highly recommended."


First reissue of an impressive and unknown Japanese private press psych album from 1972. Exact repro, with insert, edition of 400. It's been a while, so let it be said in reminder: Shadoks is a pretty goddamn insane archival operation -- resurrecting some of the most marginalized cultural fringe activity from time long destroyed. "Akira Ishikawa, the drummer/composer of the project Uganda went to Africa to study music from the African Masia tribe...and smoke grass. Back in Japan he recorded this album in quadraphonic sound together with Kimio Mitzutani and some other guys. Kimio Mizutani, who played a true outstanding distorted wah-wah fest, is backed by tribal African rhythm here. Along with 'Ceremony,' this is highly desirable Japanese heavy psych. Still completely unknown this album beats most other Japanese psychedelic rarities. The fuzz guitar just went berserk." (buy it)


Uganda - Pigmy


crotchbat said...

Many thanks to MrAttic for this gem...

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Rulezzz, thanks man!

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i have this nu end this is fucking

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I've not heard any interesting in this album!!! Only its 4th part is woth listening, but once only!!!
I don't like it!

JR Heat Warp said...

What a bunch of picky, ungrateful, asshole snobs!!! This LP kicks serious ass!

You've got a tremendous site here! It's too bad a few spoiled children feel the need to complain. Fuck em'.

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excellent - thanks!

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Thank You! I have been sweating, thinking about buying this album after missing out on copies of both the people/ceremony record and shinki chen's debut. Now I get to hear it! Thank you!

Sevenpowers said...

Any chance of reupping this great album, I'm missing it from my Japrocksampler Top 50 collection,
Many Thanks if you can :-)

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link updated...


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Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!
Thanks a mil :-)

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I LOL @ all the complaints..Got it in one link and getting ready to listen to it.Thanks for the post