Bolder Damn - Mourning (1972)

GL - Productions:

"A cult classic finally released on Cd, this release is dated back to 1998 but it is still available on sale at Rockadelic and this is a must have for fans of groove and wellmade heavyrock. For vinyl freaks is the repress from 1991 still on sale, also have Void Records made a re-press of the Lp. The Cd is a 25 year celebration since its first came out in 1972 in a very strict limited edition of 200 copies, an original today costs a fortune. A limited edition cd though and a very nice package with a great informative booklet and a new frontcover compare to the vinyl version. Bolder Damn formed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1969, got a following by opening up for the big names that came through the state. In a early stage had Bolder Damn a mad and theatrical liveshow that got a reaction in those days cause neither Alice Cooper or Ozzy Osbourne had turned up, the band reached a good fanbase cause of their liveshow. On the cause the fans wanted an album so the band went into the studio in the summer of 72 recorded Mourning in just 4 hours (!!!) with hardly no overdubs. Now over 30 years after, I am still amazed over the powerhouse soundpicture that this album has. The pre-creation of the cd is different to the repressed vinyl, here Rockadelic were trying to find the analog mastertapes, they were gone completely but guitarist Glen Eaton saved the situation by his personal tapecollection along with the support from the rest of the lineup. The sound have been mentioned, the album is also very dynamic and have a groove that still beats the shit of a lot of releases that is coming out today, Mourning is a combination of Blue Cheer,The Stooges, MC5 and the early Sabs ,a mighty asskicking tripping release. The haunting doompower of Dead Meat, a mindblowing killer track, the moving boogie feel of Got That Feeling and the larming Monday Mourning is just some of the excitement here on this very special disc. Bolder Damn could have been huge, negotiations with a couple of labels had just started but frontman John Anderson and bassist Ron Reflett got drafted into the US Army at the time and that brutally interrupted the bands following plans to make a proper release and spreading the name outside the state. Bolder Damn have reached fame in recent years cause of the newpresses by Rockadelic and Void and the bandmembers are still alive so they should get together and do what Josefus and Bang are doing now. Mourning is a mighty testament over one of the most essential powerhouse albums from the early 1970s. A sure investment for your collection."


Bolder Damn - Find a Way


Anonymous said...

im actually upset that i am now just discovering your blog. u have shared some mighty ill shit and i must give u big uppances.

Anonymous said...


Smashing blog you got here!

This Bolder Damn album is somehow offline, would be great if you could manage to re-up it once more.

But if it's the 320 in bitrate, it isn't complete, in some songs are hacks, cracks, skips and everything thinkable, almost one whole song is ruined and ChrisGoesRock also have that one.
Well well...

Thanks mate :)


Anonymous said...

Hi - Any chance to get Bolder Damn back in circulation? Thanks for all!!

crotchbat said...

Boulder Damn is still available at the following blogs:




Unknown said...

if Mark Farner were singing , you would swear it's a great lost early Grand Funk album, ass kicking rythem section and some great vocals, guitar,writing.

definatly worth a hear, raw and great mixing