Ave De Veludo - Electrico Blues (Brazil 1984)

Cleaning out my hard drive this week - here's one that I know absolutely NOTHING about. Sadly, I can't find much on the web on them (at least in a language I can understand). This record delivers what the title promises: Electrico Blues. Please enjoy.

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Victor said...

Hi, my name is Victor, and I am from Brazil, and as I found your blog when I was surfing through the web, I read that you knew Ave de Veludo, from Brazil. I believe you enjoy its music and, unfortunatelly, you don’t have any information about them. So, I would like to help you, OK?

The history of Ave de Veludo can be described as follow: in the year of 1984, it was released one of the first records in Blues style with Portuguese lyrics in Brazil (as you might know, the language which is spoken in Brazil is Portuguese), “Eletrico Blues” by Ave de Veludo, that was a band from Sao Paulo (Brazil), formed in seventies.

The former Ave de Veludo was Indio (vocals), Ney Prado (guitars), Paulinho Prado (Bass) and Sergio Tenorio (Drums).

The Ave de Veludo’s music is not a traditional Blues. Its style reminds the first releases in the Blues vein from the British bands from the sixties. The Blues, in Brazil, had really its beginning so delayed, but, as a dictator in Brazil: “it’s better later than NEVER!”.

The recording “Eletrico Blues” was released on LP format by the label Baratos Afins, and later, it was released on CD format. I believe you can buy an original CD from “Eletrico Blues” directly with Baratos Afins.

Well, it’s everything I know. The band had a very short life, so the history is not so large…
I believe I could help you with this information! J

So, if you want to keep in touch, my e-mail is: vhml3006@hotmail.com.

Best Regards.