American Eagle (1970)

Not a lot of info about this one floating around the interwebs, but here are some short bios of 2 former band members:

Rob Lowery was lead vocalist for The Galaxies. He joined when he was about 14 and spent 6 years with the group. When he was twenty he went on to join national recording artists, "The Surprise Package" (aka The Viceroys) which was produced by Lee Hazelwood and put out the album Free Up, in 1969, plus several single recordings. After leaving Hazelwood's record company the group changed their name to American Eagle and put out another album titled “American Eagle” in 1972, on Decca records. This album was played throughout the nation and was popular in Germany and Sweden. Although the band never gained the notoriety it deserved, they were the opening act for major rock groups of the time including: The Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull. Rob left the music industry in the early nineties to raise a family and began a successful career as an antiques dealer in Seattle (Classic Antiques) and ultimately opening Cafe Neo combining it within the antique store to create a unique dining and antiquing experience. Currently he is the owner of income property in Seattle and Everett.


Greg Beck started playing guitar in his early teens. In the music community he is known as, not only a well rounded, experienced player, but also as a very tasteful musician. His passion for music was fired by such diverse influences as jazz/funk guitarist Howard Roberts, R&B grooves by Freddie King and Ray Charles, rock flavors from the Beatles, Stones, and Clapton and a long list leading to varied contemporary artists. As a member of the Viceroys with Fred, Greg was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Together also in The Surprise Package and American Eagle, for seven years on albums and concerts they played and sang along side of music giants for thousands of people.


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Thanks as always for the great music.

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Interesting album, and thanks for posting it!

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