Smash - Todas Sus Grabaciones (Spain 1969-1978)

The complete recordings by this classic Spanish hard psych band including both highly sought after albums "La Glorieta de los Lotos" and "We come to Smash This Time". Heavy rock/pop music with some very nice psychedelic touches, characterized by swathes of wailing guitars. At times the band suddenly go off into totally tripped out acid rock with sitars, backward guitars, phased vocals and all manner of crazy freak-outs. Comparable to a Spanish Led Zep/Rolling Stones/Pretty Things. Very cool.

Fuzz guitars, sitar-psych, blues licks, flamenco influences, anarchic comedy, melancholic pop brilliance: that's Smash! Smash were a psychedelic rock band from Spain that flourished from 1969 to about 1972 or so, and this double cd compiles their complete recorded output as far as we can tell -- all their singles, both their albums Glorieta De Los Lotos and Esta Vez Venimos A Golpear (aka We Come To Smash This Time), and their half of a split LP. Since it's everything they ever did, the music here explores wide territory...from the blues to rustic folk to raga rock to psych pop to hard rock heaviness. Variously, Smash would seem to have been Spain's answer to the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Led Zeppelin, all. We're also reminded a bit of Os Mutantes at times. And we can make a couple of more modern comparisons: the slow n' sad beauty of Smash's "I Left You" totally could be a song off that Elope album we loved from last year, and their dark, drifting "Look At The Rainbow (Flying In The Sky)" is a dead ringer for something by Japanese psych shamans Ghost! They do it all, and really really well. (BUY IT @ AQUARIUS RECORDS)


andre said...

As allways good Band and good Album.Thanks

Crotchbat said...

FYI - this is a 2 disc set. Each disc has its own link in this post.

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Thanks for such a great post, Crotchbat. Your taste in music is unmatched!

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Great, great stuff! Thanks so much for this!


Devil Dick said...

didn't know this one, many thanks!

Rich said...

Great link as usual man!