Hounds - Unleashed (1978)

"We're 1980's rock 'n roll," says Hounds leader-founder John Hunter, Chicago native and, like the other band members, a seasoned veteran of Midwestern rock, nearly a genre unto its own these days. "By its very nature," explains Hunter, "rock 'n roll is steeped in rebellion. Hounds' messages are contemporary. They are not just sex & sleeze. They're not just street fighting. There's more involved in it, and there's still rebellion. in the '60's, rock 'n roll was more than an art form - it was political as well. Today, I'm not sure where the Hounds are going to end up politically. I think one of the Hounds' functions - or missions – is to shake up the people a bit. I want them to like us or to hate us, but react to the music either way. I want the music to make them think."

In Chicago, where Hounds have passed from semi-legendary street-cult status to genuine historical fact, the popular reaction has been all that Hunter could ask for. Come friday afternoons around 5 P.M., listeners of a dozen radio stations in the area have been known to salivate like Pavolv's dogs at the prospect of hearing Hounds Anthem, "Drugland Weekend," one more time. One station has it pegged as it's "most requested" number of 1976 and 1977 - notwithstanding the fact that they were programming it off a demo tape (which also included "The Alleys of Love," Hounds set opener) and the sides were not for sale in any record store.

With the release of the Hounds' debut album, UNLEASHED (March 1978), the latter problem is solved in no uncertain terms. At the same time, three years of scuffling (and several lifetimes of dues-paying) make it all worthwhile. There have been some times! "We really were starving at one point," recalls Hunter. "We did a tour of Wyoming, of all places, and sometimes we didn't have enough money for a motel room, so we'd sleep on park benches. Hey it was coarse." (more @ The Hounds' Myspace)


J Richter said...

Many huge thanks for posting a quality rip of this STELLAR release. I've been waiting for a quality rip of this forever. You rule!

Stuart Shea said...

I remember these guys. Their version of "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" was big radio material here in the early 1980s. Always wonder what happened to them.

micksguitar said...

great share.thank you very much.

sean said...

LOVE THIS LP! now i can finally take it on the go-thnx for the rip.

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Merry Xmas to you!

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