The Elders - Looking For the Answer (1971)

"This Dayton combo was one of the top bands around for several years. In 1966 they recorded one song on the Dayton Scene LP, "Don't You Lie To Me", that has gained collector fame as one of the great teen garage numbers from the area. In 1970, with former Pictorian Skiffuls drummer Ron Skinner, they were known as the Elders and recorded an LP on Audio Fidelity, produced by Gordon Neal." (buckeyebeat.com)

"Christian flower psych, soul and bluesy moves. Also released in Italy and Israel. Formerly garage band Jerry & the Others who appear on the WONE compilation." (acid archives)

"Highly obscure funky psych/prog album originally from 1973. Nice wah wah guitars with funky songs that vary from bubblegum pop "Fort Lauderdale" through to psychedelic sounds on "Too Late For Chance". Interesting lost 70's album." (freak emporium)


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Thanks very much.This is a complete unknown band to me but sounds great.Amazing what is out thre still to be discovered by a newer generation.Great!!