Jerusalem (1972)... revisited

Paul Dean of Jerusalem just left a comment on the original post back in May of last year announcing a re-mastered reissue soon to be available on Rockadrome Records!

"The first official reissue of the bone-crushing early 70s UK hard rock album produced by Ian Gillan to be released on the Rockadrome/Vintage label in 2008. This release will include several bonus tracks, including demos from before the album, liner notes, lyrics, photos and more!"

Thanks for writing, Paul - any chance of a vinyl reissue?


Devil Dick said...

one of, if not THEE heaviest of all the 70's Rock Monsters!!!

very cool you had Paul Dean comment!

Dadu said...

looking at paul's myspace page it sez there will be a vinyl reissue! Nice.

Paul said...

Yes, there will also be a vinyl re-issue of Jerusalem. This will all be followed by the first issue ever of the Pussy band album (3 piece formed out of Jerusalem, but radically different, also managed and produced by Ian). Thanks for your comments. Please spread the word. Maybe this time Jerusalem will receive some recognition for the tiny part it played in one of the biggest music revolutions ever.

All the best,