Montes - Cuando brille el tiempo (Argentina 1974)

"After leaving beat group Séptima Brigada, guitarist Jorge Montes, formed his own band, called Montes Mahatma. Shortening their name to Montes, they released in 1973 their one and only single ("Pájaro nocturno/Un viaje al mar") and in 1974 their classic LP "Cuando brille el tiempo" with songs composed by Jorge and his brother Luis Miguel (author of the drawing from the cover). "Cuando brille el tiempo" stands as one of the best records from 70s argentine rock, but sold poorly and remained a cult classic and Jorge Montes an underground guitar hero. Montes toured South America and soon split, and Jorge Montes played in one of Pappo´s bands. Guest bassist Alex Zucker joined prog rockers Alas." (Montes on MySpace)

"En el camino de Dios hacia el sol" opens this remarkable LP, followed by the crazy wah-wah hard rock "Arde Roma", "El ascensor" and the melodic "Hoy (cuando brille el tiempo)" with a guitar full of effects and skills. Side b opens with "Arco Iris" that switches from the calm to the fury in minutes, followed by "Fuera del sol" (on a Pappo's Blues style). "Epílogo de Crossville" and "Días después" closes the album with lots of effects that remind the glorious Electric Ladyland.

In short: a highly recommended guitar album, with excellent vocal work and solid rhythm section.

Despite the good reviews, the record went unnoticed and sold poorly. The group toured South America (something unusual at that time) and split. Jorge Montes played briefly with Pappo and later disappeared. It is said that he was killed in Ecuador in a drug-related event in the 80s.

(via The Magic Land)

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