Blueset - Rock Machine (Sweden 1974)

Alas, don't know much about this one. Stoney blues from Sweden, original copies are pricey. Rateyourmusic.com user Prehistoric Hammer says: "Great kind of sloppy drunken Swedish blues rock. I can picture these guys playing at some small bar up north in Sweden..probably getting tanked between sets. The production is goddamn awful but who cares? Not I. The basic bluesy riffs and bad accent might deter me in any other situation but somehow this is really addicting and has a special charm about it." And the late, great Freak Emporium described it thusly: "As the name suggests, this is a highly charged set of heavy progressive blues rock in a Cream/Blue Cheer style with great guitar work." Enjoy.



andre said...

Hello my Friend
This is one of my Top Ten Albums.Pitty that the Band only make one record.

Heavypsychman said...


Thanks for supporting SWE Hard rock.

Me thinks these dudes came from Södertälje (industrial town south west of Stockholm where they make Scania trucks)

More info checkout this link:


Rock On

Hear Asoka 1971 (SWE) it's kick ass HR

s said...

Blueset is excellent. A good choice. Also the cover I like.

costan said...

Great... Thanx.

micksguitar said...

amazing record.who neegs blue cherr.we have blue set.thanx.