Freeport (1970)

Record collectors can be a strange lot, especially when you're talking about collectors of any one particular style or sub-genre. If you have a record that's somewhat rare, you're usually glad to find a handful of others who are familiar with it, so that you can compare notes.

At the same time, you don't want to let the secret completely out. After all, you worked a long time, and invested a lot of money, to find a copy. Why should someone else be able to find a lost treasure for a fraction of the effort that you went to? Yeah, that's a pretty heinous attitude, but we've all been guilty of it at some point. Even folks who should know better.

The only review that I've ever read for this album dismissed it as "disappointing and directionless". This was from a source that is usually right on the money. This time, though, someone must have substituted the disc in the jacket marked "Freeport". That's the only way I could reconcile the fact that they thought this absolute gem was substandard.

I mean, I try not to get caught up in hyperbole, but between the dueling guitar leads, pounding keyboards, and intricate harmonies, I can't describe Freeport as anything but a monster!

Want hard-rock, 1970 style? Try "Forty Long Faces" or "It's a Brand New Morning". Power-pop more your style? How about an upbeat cover of Eric Carmen's "I Need Your Lovin'". Ballads? "Lend a Hand" and "Call Yourself the Wind" are both more than worthy. The only thing keeping the album from five stars is the fact that not all the tracks are equally memorable. One senses that the band's best work was still ahead of them, or would have been had they not dissolved soon after this release.

It has to be more than simple difference of opinion that accounts for the negative review mentioned above. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that the reviewer was simply trying to keep the goodies to himself.

I don't have that problem. This album compares favorably with the debuts by Listening and Gypsy, and I hope everybody who might be interested gets to hear this. (review by ochsfan @ rateyourmusic.com)



Devil Dick said...

cool thing sgoing on over here.

Crotchbat said...

Thanks DD - you play guitar for Solace?! The Black Black is a great fucking record!

When are you guys rolling through Chicago?

Likedeeler said...

thx very much, indeed. i'm looking forward to listening... best wishes from berlin

Heavypsychman said...

Theres many of these mid 70's rarities like Poobah, Sorcery etc

Just share, most kids never find these so why hide em from em.

Good 2008 to ya Crouthy

Devil Dick said...

Yep, Solace it is....

No plans on Chi-town as of yet but don't be surprised....

Sweet blog & sweet digs!!!!


zappahead said...

The opening track sounds vocally like grand funk..nice crisp guitar breaks....I like it....yeah i can hear the connection to english gypsy...thanks for sharing cheers.

photowoman said...

i have Freeport band pics from the '70's if anyone is interested. I attended Kenston High School in Chagrin Falls/Bainbridge Ohio and would see them at Chesterland Hullabaloo. so much fun!

photowoman said...

where are Freeport band members now?