Zabu - My Coffin's Ready (France 1972)

"Lucien Zabuski was Magma's vocalist prior to their first album and with Zorgones before that. Even so, his own preference was for blues-rock, as indicated by his own two albums. You can easily mistake them for an Anglo-American artist. The albums feature some of the most respected musicians of French rock."

"Lucien Zabuski (nicknamed "ZABU") was the original vocalist with Magma prior to Klaus Blasquiz. Initially a straightforward rock and roller, after many years in R'n'R/psychedelic/progressive ensembles he cut a couple of albums that are highly collectible for their curiosity value alone. His first solo album 'My Coffin's Ready' exhibits his blues influences with some glorious vocals and fine musicianship for that genre. It was recorded for Laurent Thibault's Thélème label at the Château d'Hérouville in January 1972 with the help of his friends Teddy Lasry, Francis Moze, Jeff (Yochk'o) Seffer and Christian Vander on some tracks. The second album was recorded in 1975 with a different collection of friends for Sonopresse. 'Zabu & Co' was eventually released in 1976 and featured Richard Raux and Francis Moze, but it was an uninspiring R'n'R release. Zabu's next venture was a Reggae album with Lee Perry producing, but this Jamaican project was aborted. Then at the end of the seventies he released some reggae singles under the name IMMIGRATION ACT. The early eighties saw Zabu working as a backing singer on many sessions at Thibault's studio."



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