Yesterday and Today (1976)

One of the most underrated, yet influential of all hard rock bands. They always had a loyal following, and influenced countless musicians, but never seemed able to break into the mainstream in a big way over their twenty plus years. Formed in San Francisco, California by Dave Meniketti (vocals and guitar), Phil Kennemore (bass) and Leonard Haze (drums) and going by the name of Yesterday & Today. They recruited a second guitarist in Joey Alves, and began playing the bar circuit. Their first two albums were released by London records, but failed commercially, resulting in the band being dropped. The group revamped, shortened thir name to Y&T and signed another major label deal. Earthshaker was an aptly titled cult classic, that was able to capture the intensity of the band's live shows. Many feel that the band was unable to reach the heights of this album again, but they released consistent product throughout the early 80's. With the release of the live album Open Fire, Y&T was dropped again. They signed with Geffen under John Kalodner's supervision. They changed their image to fit in with the 80's glam rock explosion but Haze decided to walk away, being replaced by Jimmy DeGrasso. The move failed to pay off, leading to Alves leaving the band as well (he hooked up with Haze in 1989 to form Black Tiger) with Stef Burns joining the group for the forgotten Ten album. Shortly after the band broke up. The last lineup would reform off and on to tour and release a couple lackluster albums, but it was apparent their best days were behind them. DeGrasso would resurface with Megadeth, Alice Cooper and Suicidal Tendencies to name a few, while Meniketti pursued a solo career. A band that never reached the success they deserved, but whose albums remain very influential. (via sleazeroxx.com) (BUY IT, ASSHAT!)



Anonymous said...

their very best LP; thanks for the renewed memories!
---- Lumpy

Danny said...

Hi Crotchbat,

Excellent album! The second is even better.
Did you there was a Belgian band called Mothers of Track, who later became the more famous Killer, that stole a lot from them? The album is called Electra Glide, it was released in 1979. A cover of '25 Hours a day' is on there and credited to Alves - Meniketti. Another song is called 'Alcohol'. Wonder where they got that title from?

More info at: http://www.belgianmetalhistory.be
(in fact 70's hardrock history)


Dutchboy said...

Here you'll find a Yesterday and Today live concert from 1980:

Stuart Shea said...

bonus points for the athletic shorts.