Various - White Lace & Strange (2007)

"White Lace & Strange collects twenty “Heavy Psych And Power Fuzz” tracks by American bands. Some of the material is strongly reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and the influence of Hendrix is quite apparent on tracks like “Angeline” by Genesis, which lifts the riff from “Foxy Lady.” The Lemonade Charade’s “Hideaway Of Your Love” sounds like a hybrid of “Sunshine Of Your Love” and “Crosstown Traffic.” There’s even a song by Noel Redding’s post-Hendrix Experience group Road, and the band T.I.M.E. has ties to Steppenwolf. Albums by Fields and the Illinois Speed Press are pretty easy to come across in the States, but neither band is very well-known and their tracks are definitely good enough to merit inclusion on the CD. Blues rock is definitely the focus here, which makes me wish there was an even heavier, Sabbath-influenced, proto-metal installment in the series." (dustedmagazine.com)

"White Lace & Strange is comprised of rare U.S. stomp-rock from the '60s you've probably never heard before. By the end of the '60s, psychedelia was pretty much a spent force. Bands were looking for something simpler and more earthy. Crosby, Stills & Nash had gone all acoustic and harmonious, The Band had achieved a return to classic Americana, and James Taylor was showing the world you could be laid back and hip at the same time. However, not everyone wanted to ditch their fuzzboxes. Inspired by such outfits as Cream, Blue Cheer, Hendrix and the nascent Led Zeppelin, these American bands were moving out of psych into something less cosmic and far heavier. This mix of blooze rock and heavy riffing is loud and nasty but it pre-dates metal. It's pretty tripped-out, but it's not really psychedelia. It's the sound of guitar, bass and drums (and the occasional Hammond organ) just as it was meant to be -- cranked up and in your face. No frills, just power chords and stomping riffs. Stamp on that Big Muff and solo till your brain drops out. Compiled by Psychic Circle label head, Nick Saloman of The Bevis Frond." (BUY IT!!!!)



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end thanks a lot.

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Did you see the compilation CD in this month's MOJO? "Heavy Nuggets: 15 lost British hard rock gems 1968-73."

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God, I remember a lot of these. I'm so old...

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fantastic selection!!!
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i have some of these ..its a pretty
rockin affair..i love this stuff.