Levee Camp Moan + Peacock Farm Free Concerts (1969)

"Heavy Blues with feeling from this UK band who were popular regulars on the UK gig circuit. This album is from 1969 and captures a raw yet energetic sound, with some fine lead guitar by Ian Campbell and male/female lead vocals.This 2002 remastered reissue from Audio Archives includes six live tracks from the Peacock Farm Free Concerts." (FreakEmporium)

"Peacock Farm (Private UK 69) 99 made. Megarare album put out by the L.C.M. "Private Peacock Farm" where groovy parties were held. 2 live tracks by Levee Camp Moan, long jamming stoned psych blues mayhem. A fierce, heavy bluesrock by John Thomas Blues Band and a brilliant prog / blues workout by St. James Infirmary. Highlight when talking 60's doped blues / psych underground."


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Crotchbat said...

sorry folks, was having trouble locating the peacock concerts so it's a bit of a mutt-rip: the first 2 tracks of the Peacock Farm recordings are @ 256, the rest of the album is ripped @ 224. still worth your ear's attention, IMO.


Sadness said...

thanks ..levve is great band..keep more coming..great blog..

6070Rock !!!! said...

Well well well Mr Cro, you still remains an ACID BRAIN !!!


Kikas said...

Wow, what a album...it's great could learn day after day...many many thanks, man.
Best regards, from Azores Islands