Thundermug - Strikes (Canada 1972)

Formed in London, Ontario, originally as Pink Orange, but eventually changed their name and picked up manager Wyn Anderson. Anderson rallied their cause and was able to secure the band a record deal with Greg Hambleton's Axe Records in 1972.

Their debut album, Thundermug Strikes, was produced by Greg Hambleton (with engineering by a young Terry Brown) and included the 1972 hit "Africa" reaching the Canadian Top40. 1973's Orbit album featured the title track as a single reaching Top50 that year. It too was produced by Greg Hambleton.

With the band's touring schedule keeping them extremely busy they managed several non-album singles before returning to the studio with producer Greg Hambleton to complete 1974's Ta-Daa!!.

The group split up shortly after their last charting single, 1975's "Clap Your Hands And Stomp Your Feet", made the Top50 in Canada.

Though Wyn Anderson and the band had parted company years before a reunion around the end of the 1980's was instigated by Anderson and it was this seed that sparked the desire in the band members for a full-fledged reunion.

Several years later Anderson put his own money on the line and paid for some recording sessions, as well as everything else necessary for Thundermug to return with a reunited band in 1995 -- Durst and Corbett -- for a new album ('Who's Running My World') which featured the title track as its first single and video. Successful exposure on radio and television helped the band regain a foothold in the Canadian club scene and the CD went on to have three Top-40 hits at rock radio.

The band returned to the studio for the follow-up CD 'Bang The Love Drum' in 1997 on the Raven Records label. The band toured as a trio for at least two shows a week with Bill Durst, James Corbett and returning original member Ed Pranskus.

The band officially disbanded again in 2001. They were nominated into the London Music Hall of Fame in 2006.

Manager Wyn Anderson died in September 1999 after a long illness; Corbett has joined Cheryl Lescom’s band; Bill Durst has had a successful solo career and is currently working on another solo CD. He still regularly performs in and around London, Ontario and environs. (via The Canadian Pop Encyclopedia)



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