Hand of Doom - Poisonoise (Germany 1979)

"I guess it's the name of the band and album that raises such an interest. So, is it Doom then, you might ask? No, it isn't. But is it heavy? HELL YES it is! It may be older than most other records reviewed here, but I would say it still belongs since it was one of the rawest, hardest Heavy Rock records of it's time with a truly groundbreaking sound; a true "Roots Of Metal" item! It may have been recorded in the 70's, but I'll be damned to life as a Depeche Mode-groupie if you'll find any Purp's/Zep's/Sab's vibes in their music. No, Hand of Doom lies closer to the raw, crushing sound of 1980 BRATS, SARCOFAGUS (1st), CRYSYS, early MOTÖRHEAD and the hardest of the earliest NWOBHM 7"s. There can't be a NWOBHM-fan alive who could resist the riffing, rhythms and lyrics of "There Ain't No Running Away". Total Heavy Metal balls! "They who'll creep at night" follows, and with it a fistful of great heavy guitars, but if I had to pick a favorite track it would have to be the sonic bulldozer "Rock n' Roll Close To The End Of The World" - BRUTAL & primitive Hard Rock Metal aggression at it's finest! I'd say just about every song is a high-quality, high-energy monster of rock and heavy enough to please the most demanding metal head. If there's any particular 70's parts at all they can be traced to bands like THE STOOGES or MC5, but only on a few tracks and never quite that punky. "Doom Power" is a dead ringer for the THE STOOGES' "Raw Power", until the guitar break comes and suddenly they're in early MAIDEN-land. The only song which really stand out is the closing "The Light Of The Blind", which is more of a moody 60's/psyche thing, but still good. The bands strongest asset and the thing that gives them that extra brutal edge is the vocals of Andreas Rössner. Man, this guy is really pissed! I can't remember when I heard a singer sounding so angry on a Hard Rock record. Kinda what you'd expect when looking at the band picture on the front. Mean, shit-kicking bikers and juvenile delinquents the lot of them!(?) With only 500 copies made almost a quarter of a century ago and frequently on the want lists of both 70's and 80's HM/HR collectors, you have quite a task before you, trying to locate a copy. Let's hope for a respectful and well done re-issue real soon. (review by thecorroseum.com)



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This is such a great album. Totally absurd at times, but that's not to its detriment. Needs a reissue!

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Thanks for this

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Thanks for this share-it simply blows me away!

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this record is nuts. they're like the german venom or something. it's kind of...silly, but damn, these guys sound sincere. seriously, someone needs to reissue this.