Jesse Harper - Guitar Absolution in the Shade of a Midnight Sun (New Zealand 1969)

"During the mid sixties in New Zealand, the leading bands all included strong lead guitarists. Human Instinct had Billy TK, Ticket had Eddie Hansen, the Underdogs had Harvey Mann and the Brew had Doug Jerebine.

Harvey Mann had learned much of his technique and style from Doug Jerebine. The Underdogs and Human Instinct were good competition for each other, both fighting for the ultimate cult following. When the Brew folded, Doug went to England and began writing and recording under the name Jessie Harper. When the Human Instinct made a brief visit to England, they met up with Jessie and he provided them with a number of his songs. In fact seven of the songs on the Human Instinct's first two albums were written by Jessie Harper.

While in England Jessie Harper recorded an album full of original material, and this music was finally released in 1992 by Kissing Spell. The album was called "Guitar Absolution In The Shadow Of The Midnight Sun". The cover image is "The Agony In The Garden, Studio Of El Greco, 16th Century".

When Jerebine tired of the rock'n'roll lifestyle, he shaved his head and went to India to join the Krishna faith." (via New Zealand Music)

"Jesse Harper was a New Zealander who came to the UK in the late '60s. Playing an incredible style of incendiary Hendrix like guitar psych he worked with Andromeda and The Human Instinct. A fantasic recording, overflowing with mindblowing guitar work and top notch songs." (via freakemporium) (BUY IT!)


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Anonymous said...

Marvelous album this, and if the story is true that the great Jimi H. once asked "Jessie" to join the Experience is true we all can just pity that he didn't took the offer. One can wonder where that would have gone then, but 1 thing would have been certain. All of us would have needed hearingaids today :-)

Great post, great blogg.

Anonymous said...

great story

PaulNZ said...

Hi If you go here you will find an Album by Billy TK the Guitarist from the Human Instinct
It is at 320 will all the Art work with it as well hope you like it as it is another Great NZ Guitarist
Also Have some link for Human Instinct if you are interested

Ade said...

Indeed great album. Unfortunately the Hendrix story has been denied by all who were there as such. But truly up there with best Kiwi rock ever.

zappahead said...

Fantastic to find another great album from 1969....a very good year indeed....never heard of this before but im sure it will be another great find....thanks for sharing this.