Billy Bond y La Pesada - Volumen 2 (Argentina 1972)

Heady and heavy work from Billy Bond and La Pesada Del Rock & Roll -- a guitar heavy group from Argentina, and one with plenty of blues rock overtones! The guitars are definitely turned up to 11 here -- jamming with an intensity to match some of the best hard rock sides from Peru reissued by the Lazarus label in recent years -- and like those sets, there's a sound here that's an intensification of earlier beat group modes -- taken into much harder territory for the 70s. The production is great -- earthy, trippy, and a little bit spooky -- and the album's got an oddly unsettling feel, one that's familiar at first, but then increasingly estranged as the record moves on. (Dustygroove.com)

Billy Bond y La Pesada's second album (1972), another excellent LP featuring AlejandroLa Pesada 2 Medina on bass, Pappo, Kubero Díaz and Poli Martínez on guitar, Javier Martínez and Luis Gambolini on drums, Jorge Pinchevsky on violin and Billy Bond on vocals. Remarkable tracks are: "La pálidad ciudad" -by Kubero, with a great rocker guitar job and Pin’s violin; "La máquina" ("The damned killer machine!") -sung by Medina with Pappo on guitar; "Blues para mis amigos" -the lyrics describing the members of the band; and "Para que nos sirven" -a great rock number. All selections were segued with fragments of a so called "Vida y obra del negro Julio", actually a simple melody played by Pinchevsky and Pappo on violin and piano. All and all, this was a harder LP than the first one, as the text on the cover would read: rocks+blues+rocks+rocks= Billy Bond y La Pesada!

This LP also included the controversial blues version of "La marcha de San Lorenzo" -a patriotic military march- which was immediately banned (consider that few years later the Armed Forces took the government). (Magicland) (BUY IT!)


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